Sunday, November 20

Still here

Thanks to all thoes who keep visiting my blog, i am still here and blogging but time is not on my side. So many things to do and so little time. I am writing this post while Hadeel (my daughter) is in her bouncer and i am rocking her with my foot! *talk about multi tasking :P*

Juggling studies, housework and being a mum is no joke i tell ya. But i manage somehow..only just though! A few weeks left and then we will be on a plane to Oman i cant wait! I chatted to Namika yesterday and she said "well at least you will be able to relax here" but i doubt that i will be doing any relaxing. I have been away for a year and during that time gave birth to Hadeel so i will be doing lots of visiting. Which reminds me that i will need to do some serious shopping, might go to dubai for that! YAY!!!

Hadeel is growing, many people say she resembles her dad i think she looks like me. I wonder who the family will say she looksl ike. Today i was playing with her squeezing her chubby cheecks and she laughed she looked sooo sweet!! masha Allah so i did it again and she laughed again i couldnt believe it she was acutally responding to me! I cant believe 2 months have passed already since i gave birth to her. At such a young age we can see her personality developing. She is very stubborn and always wants things done her way. Allah ei3eena when she gets older!

I am off now to do my other duties lol and will try to update soon

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Friday, October 14

Being a Mother

This is our last ramamdhan in OZ and i am so happy, as thoes who are aborad know what i am talking about. Ramadhan is just not the same!! The atmosphere is so different i mean what is ramamdhan without hearing the athan, breaking fast with family, praying tarawee7, (the list is endless) . I dont miss the food much as in ramadhan for some reason ppl go overboard and cook fattening stuff which is very unhealthy!

Baby News
It would be idea with babies came with a manual lol but unfortunately they dont! First time mothers ghave to learn the hard way by trial and error! Yes you get advice and help from other mothers but you know the sayin "easier said than done!"

We are coping well alhamdulilah, i dont know what i'd do without the help of my hubby. He is simply wonderful masha Allah.

I realise that time is not mine anymore to do as i please. I have a baby to attend to who can be very demanding. Sleepless nights are in, dropping everything when she cries, joining the nappies club ( i didnt realise how much nappies are needed i think we go through 7-8 a day!) If i leave them on for too long she could develop nappy rash!!

I thank you all for your comments, keep visiting the site i dont know when i will be able to update again!

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Sunday, October 2

Its a GIRL!!!!

Alhamdulilah on the 11th of septmeber, i became a mother! Most people if not all of them thought i was having a boy. Although i really didnt mind what the baby's gender was i secretly wanted a girl, and wanted to prove everyone wrong!

I had an easy pregnancy alhamdulilah and the delivery wasnt as bad as i expected. Of course you go through pain but one just has to hang in there and not fight the pain. Once you see your baby you forget the pain (its true you do!!! i never belived that but i experinced it).

I can look at my daughter for hours on end and not get bored. Its amazing how much love i feel for this person whom i have known for less than a month! Being a mother is a lot of work and i am enjoying every minute of it. I thank Allah for my husband who has been very supportive, i wouldnt have been able to cope without you honey.

I thank everyone for your wishes, i have no idea when i will blog again. * i know have an excuse :P * in addition i have my studies (which reminds me i better start working on my assignment) *sigh*

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Sunday, September 4

On this day 24 years ago...

I was born!

I cant believe i am 24 years old!! Time has passed every so quickly just a few years ago my life was so different to what it is now. Single, no responsibilities and young (lol). Now here i am happily married to the man who completes me and expecting our first child!

Yes i have kept it a secret all this time with the intention of surprising you...i think announcing it on my birthday is special enough.

So far I have received messages from my sisters in law, my ex colleague from Oman, my friend SoMe1 and her sister. It is a bonus to have my husband, my sister in law and my mother with me here. I thank you all so much for remembering me on this day and everyday. May Allah bless you all Amin.

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Saturday, September 3

Tagged by Allured and Arby

I have never been tagged before thanks Allured for tagging me!

I started Blogging in December 2004
My blog is a place where i can share my thoughts and feelings

I blog because i like keeping diaries so this is my online diary!

Something i would like to change in my blog nothing as i recently updated it

Something i would like to add to my blog hmm cant think of anything right now, oh yeah maybe a map of where the blog visitors come from!

Blogs that are saved in my favorite list look to the right --->

Blogs that i often comment in Arby's, Namika's, Uaeyah's, Allured's, Nabhan's and Enigma's blogs.

When i get a comment in my blog i usually answer it.

The only thing to discourage me from commenting in other blogs i dont have much to say!

Blogs that have links to my blogs are hmm not many lol...

I think the only thing that would stop me from blogging would be studies and not finding the time.

My blog is the 1st thing i check when i go online Yes/No ......NO

I allow anonymous comments Yes/No...Hmm i cant remember have to check that

My blog gives a clear idea of who i am Yes/No Not really maybe just my views on various subjects

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Thursday, August 25

My News

Its been exactly a month since i last posted but as usual my excuse is that i have been very busy with studies..not much is happening in my life but soon insha Allah something big will happen! But only when it happens i shall inform you insha Allah.

I have added a new button titled Oman Blog Awards please click to find out what its all about.
There are so many great Omani blogs around now masha Allah and its time that they got some attention!

This is just to let you know that i am still alive and kicking alhamdulilah. More to come soon insha Allah.

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Monday, July 25

Australia Why?

Yesterday i watched a programe on tv where they were talking about Australian muslims and islam in general. They portrayed muslims in a bad way, and only said that they wanted the public to believe not the reality. It really got me upset and i felt like i wanted to go back home that instant.

Anyway here is the link where you can either watch the show or read the transcript.

Let me know what you think


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